xPlore Watchdog Service failed to ping

After a server reboot your searches might not work and/or you might receive an error:

xPlore Watchdog Service failed to ping application IndexAgent. Instance: XPLORE_9200_IndexAgent  Cause:http://XPLORE:9200/IndexAgent is not reachable. Connection refused: connect

  1. First check that the xplore index server is running.
  2. Make sure the services are running on the server:
    1. Documentum Indexagent
    2. Documentum xPlore PrimaryDsearch
    3. Documentum xPlore Watchdog -C xPlore
  3. Then make sure that the agent is running in DA
    1. Log into DA
    2. Expand Indexing Management
    3. Select Index Agents and Index Server
    4. Right click the index server and select start agent


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