Creating a new report template in Documentum

Once you have created a new report template you will then have to upload the new report. This is a continuation of my last post on how to modify an existing report.

Once you have the new .ecsfr package:

  1. Log back into Documentum with an admin account
  2. Go to Project Admin > Project Configs > Reports > Templates
  3. Select File > import report template
  4. Select the new report .ecsfr file
    • The type should be ECS Report
    • Format: ECSF Report Package
  5. Once it is created then go to the types folder under reports
  6. In this example we modified the Master Document Reports. Right click the Report type and select properties
  7. Under templates select the edit link
  8. Search for the name of new report you just uploaded
  9. Add it to the list and select ok
  10. Now you report is ready to be created.
  11. Go to your reports folder in your cabinet.
  12. Select file > new report
  13. Create a new, and select the report type we just added the new report under
  14. The report template should show the new report you just uploaded. Select next and edit all the properties you wish to add
  15. Run report
    • If you get an error when running the report there is an issue with the modifications you made to the report.
      • Check the source code of the report and make sure the query gives the values you are trying to output.
      • Make sure the layout is correct and the report doesnt use any values that are not available

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