Modifying Documentum – Reports

In this example I will be modifying the Master Documents Report. To modify a documentum report use the following steps:

  1. Login to documentum and go to reports
  2. Right click the Report you wish to modify and select export.
  3. Save the package
  4. You should see the filename.ecsfrecsfr export
  5. Using a file archiver unarchive – extract the package (I will be using 7-zip)ecsfr_open
  6. You’ll then see the a .jrxml file
  7. jrxml
  8. The jrxml file is a jasper report file. You will need to download and install Jaspersoft Studio to view and edit the file
  9. Once Jaspersoft Studio is installed then you can view and modify the the report
  10. With Jaspersoft studio you can change the layout and modify what can be displayed.
  11. There are 2 ways you can do this. If you are familiar with any reporting software you will notice jaspersoft is the same. You can modify the design and modify the source code
  12. Using the source code view you can see in details the query the reports run
  13. Once you are finished making the changes
  14. You will need to use 7-zip to archive the .jrxml file back to the .ecsfr format.
  15. Right click > 7-zip > add to archive > change the .zip to .ecsfr
  16. That’s it!
  17. To view how to upload the new report proceed to the next article

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